About Iberdrola Texas, providing affordable home energy powered by 100% Texas wind

Texas produces more wind than any other state in the country. At Iberdrola Texas, we are proud to harness that energy to supply Texans with green, affordable electricity.

100% pure Texas wind energy is all that's used to power our customers' homes, and every last kilowatt that's delivered is produced and supplied by our own Texas wind farms. Our energy plans always include fixed pricing and no hidden fees so customers can feel good about protecting the environment without spending more on their monthly bills.

As part of the Iberdrola Group, we've dedicated more than 170 years to developing easily accessible, renewable energy with a clear goal of creating a more sustainable future for all. Today, we're a world leader in wind energy, producing and supplying power to more than 100 million people around the world

Visit the Iberdrola website to read more on the company profile along with further information on the Group's commitments.

Power your Texas home with 100% wind electricity.