Our Commitment to Iberdrola Texas Customers


We are here to help you get through this uncertain time. While COVID-19 has affected our Texas communities, we want to reassure customers that Iberdrola remains committed to doing our part to power your homes, regardless of circumstance.

Our team is fully prepared to continue delivering 100% Texas wind to you and your family, and we are expanding our efforts to provide additional relief during a time when it is most needed.

Expanded Payment Options

Electricity bills shouldn't add stress to our customers' lives during an already difficult time. We are here to help customers undergoing financial strain as a result of recent events - contact us for assistance and we will find an arrangement. We will continue to offer our standard forms of payment, and we are now waiving all late fees on bills due after March 18.

COVID-19 Electricity Relief Program

The COVID-19 Electricity Relief Program is a customer assistance program developed by the State of Texas to protect customers who are low income or unemployed as a result of COVID-19.

Do I qualify?

Those who have filed for unemployment with the Texas Workforce Commission and those who receive assistance through the Texas Department of Health and Human Services are eligible for the COVID-19 Electricity Relief Program.

How long will I be covered?

Eligible customers will receive six months of disconnection protection; eligibility is determined by a third-party administrator, Solix.

How do I enroll?

Go to https://www.txcovid19erp.org/to complete the sign up process.

Get in touch with us once this information has been submitted so we can help you put together a payment arrangement.

Tips to Lower Your Bills

While many of our customers are currently spending more time at home, we wanted to share some helpful tips to maximize energy efficiency and save you money:

  • Turn off the lights in rooms that aren't in use
  • Hang dry towels, sheets, and other items that take more energy to dry
  • Keep the refrigerator door shut when not in use, and let hot food cool down before placing in the fridge
  • If you're watching TV before bed, set the sleep mode timer to make sure it turns off
Dependable Power

Because we know you rely on us to power your home every day, we are implementing additional health and safety procedures to protect our dedicated employees who continue to service customers and operate our Texas wind farms:

  • We will protect our employees, providing all assistance necessary and ensuring advanced hygienic cleaning measures at all of our facilities. Special procedures are also in place for our Texas wind farm employees to protect their health and safety.
  • All employees will continue to receive pay, as well as enrolled health and wellness benefits.
  • The preventative and protective actions Iberdrola Texas has taken align with the World Health Organization (WHO), Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and state and local public health agencies.
While COVID-19 has affected our Texas communities, Iberdrola remains committed to providing electricity for your home(s), never sacrificing affordability and reliability.