What to do if storms impact your power

We are here to help you prepare.

Tropical storm activity could impact your area.

Below are steps to prepare for a power outage, and if your power does go out, we have steps to report the issue:

  1. Get Ready - Have a 3-day supply of water ready for your family and your pets
  2. Stay Safe - If it appears water will reach the outlets in your house, cut off power at the breaker box only if you are able to do so safely and without standing in water
  3. Report Outages - Contact the utility provider in your area to report an outage

Your utilily provider can be contacted 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on the following numbers:

Oncor Electric Delivery – 888-313-4747

DFW, North and West Texas

Report outage

Track an outage

Set outage alerts

Texas-New Mexico Power Company – 888-866-7456

Lewisville and North Texas

Track an outage

CenterPoint Energy – 713-207-2222 or 800-332-7143

Houston and surrounding areas

Track an outage

Set outage alerts

AEP Texas – 866-223-8508

Abilene and West Texas; Corpus Christi, Rio Grande Valley and South Texas

Report an outage

Track an outage

Set outage alerts

Please refer to this Texas Outage Map supplied by The Public Utility Commission of Texas (PUCT) to view outages for specific addresses across the state.

In a life threatening emergency always call 911.