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Signing up for Service

You can sign up to receive your electricity from Iberdrola Texas by completing our online enrollment journey by clicking "View Plans" on our website. The sign up process should only take a few minutes to complete at which point we will then handle everything else to do with switching your electricity from your current provider to Iberdrola Texas. You will receive a welcome pack via email that will explain next steps and a link to be able to login to your online account.

It can take up to 5 business days for your switch to be complete and for Iberdrola Texas to become your electricity provider. You don't need to do anything during this time, we will handle it all for you and we will inform you when your switch over is complete.

A Switch Hold can be placed on a premise by either a Retail Energy Provider (REP) or the Transmission and Distribution Service Provider (TDSP). The purpose of a Switch Hold is to ensure that the occupant responsible for paying the bills at that location takes care of any/all outstanding charges before switching to a new provider. The Switch Hold will remain in effect until the specified charges have been paid.

If you are moving into this premise and do not have a current provider, please fill out this form and return it to along with one of the following supporting documents to have the Switch Hold removed by the TDSP:

- Copy of signed lease
- Notarized affidavit of landlord
- Closing documents
- Certificate of Occupant
- Utility bill in your name dated within the last two months from a different premise

Smart Home

Google Nest is a suite of Google products aimed at making your home as comfortable, interactive, engaging, and/or secure as possible! Examples of these smart devices include: thermostats that learn your preferences for temperature and adjust accordingly, speakers that play music or other audio and can be voice controlled using Google Assistant, and security devices that protect you and your family with easy to use interfaces.

Google Assistant is the best voice-controlled, AI-powered virtual assistant on the market. Using Google’s superior search engine capabilities, the Assistant supplies users with unmatched responses to simple and advanced questions.

By saying “Hey Google,” you start dialogue with your Google Assistant-enabled device and can ask questions like “How is the traffic to work?” “What is the temperature outside?” “Do I need an umbrella today?” Google Assistant provides intelligent responses to such questions in seconds.

The Hub Max is a 10” tablet with crisp visuals and a built-in speaker boasting bold sound. With Google Assistant, you can surf the web, ask for help on recipes in the kitchen, play your favorite video streaming services, and rock out to your favorite music.

With the 6.5-megapixel camera and high-quality microphone, you can video chat with friends and family. The Nest Hub Max is a central hub for your home and offers communication between all “smart” devices you might have. The Hub Max also can be used as a security camera and can integrate with other security devices you might have, keeping you and your family safe.

Google Nest Learning Thermostat is an updated and cheaper version of Google’s Flagship “Nest Learning Thermostat” that learns your behavior and auto-schedules to users’ preferred comfort. A new feature called “Savings Finder” suggests ways to save and keeps maintenance easy with reminders to change things like air filters.

The thermostat has a minimalist design with crisp LCD and mirrored glass lens, and is made with recycled materials. The thermostat is compatible with vast majority of HVAC systems, and takes 30 mins or less to install. Requires Wi-Fi internet connection and phone or tablet with the Google Home app for managing the thermostat.

This thermostat is the newest of Google Nest’s offerings – so what makes this one stand out. First, the price. At $129.99, the “Nest Thermostat” is roughly half the cost of the “Nest Learning Thermostat.” This is done by simplifying the design, changing the components, and removing some excess. Both the NT and the NLT, we’ll call them, learn the consumer’s behavior and provide energy saving, comfort preserving insights. The NT offers suggestions to the customer via the Google Home app whereas the NLT automatically adjusts. The NT is compatible with slightly fewer HVAC systems, at 85% compatibility, whereas the NLT is compatible with around 95% of systems.

Our partnership with Google is just starting, but very soon we will have many more products by Google and Google Nest like Nest Audio, Chromecast, and Nest Security devices. These devices can help you save on your Iberdrola energy bill, provide entertainment and keep you and your family safe.

After enrolling with an Iberdrola Texas energy plan, you will receive your device within 10 business days of successfully paying your first bill. For any shipping issues, please contact Iberdrola Texas Customer Care at: 844-956-0456 or

All issues with the actual device, separate from the energy plan, should be submitted directly to Google. For warranties & troubleshooting, please call Google’s retail support channels: (855) 469-6378 or From there you will be able to handle any issues with the device. For replacements, please contact the IngramMicro Customer Service Team: +1-800-274-4800 or

We hope you’ll continue to let us power your home with 100% Texas Wind and renew with Iberdrola Texas. If we have to part ways, for staying with Iberdrola for the full term of your contract, you can keep the device you’ve grown to love – on us!

If you decide to move on from Iberdrola, you will be able to keep your Google device, but must pay the Early Termination Fee associated with your plan.

Home Services

Iberdrola Texas is partnering with American Home Solutions to provide customers with peace of mind from the unexpected with affordable protection plans. The optional protection programs are provided by Pivotal Home Solutions, LLC d/b/a American Home Solutions. American Home Solutions offers solutions that protect customers in many ways.

American Home Solutions is available at 833-760-0370 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Please call as soon as a problem is discovered to request service or request reimbursement paperwork for the Surge Protection Plan.

The Home Services Plans provided by American Home Solutions will appear as a recurring monthly charge on your electricity bill.

You must be an Iberdrola Texas customer in order to enroll in Home Services Plans provided by American Home Solutions.

No, you cannot pick a specific coverage amount. During the enrollment process, customers can choose to enroll in multiple Surge Protection Plans which would increase the total coverage amounts. For the Cooling Repair and Maintenance Plan, customers can enroll in multiple plans only if there are multiple AC units servicing the home.

The plans do not cover issues occurring before your coverage effective date. Repair coverage will begin 30 days after the Commencement Date on your welcome letter and is subject to eligibility.

These plans are optional, are for an initial term of 12 months and are renewed automatically for additional 12-month periods at the end of each term.

You have 30 days from the Commencement Date listed on your Welcome Letter to cancel your plan and receive a refund if no services are rendered. During the remaining term, you can cancel at any time and your plan will be canceled at the end of that monthly billing cycle.

Your eligibility for maintenance on your cooling system under the Cooling Repair and Maintenance Plan begins once the enrollment is processed. Coverage under the Surge Protection Plan and the cooling repair portion of the Cooling Repair and Maintenance Plan begins 30 days after your enrollment is processed. You will receive a Welcome Letter and Customer Agreement in the mail or by email confirming your enrollment.

The Cooling Repair and Maintenance Plan provides coverage for one primary central cooling system, ducted electric central air conditioning, and blower motor located in the furnace if necessary, for proper operation of the cooling system. Parts & labor, up to $2,000 annually, $400 per incident toward covered repairs or reimbursement toward replacement. The plan includes an annual performance tune-up on one primary central cooling system or ducted electric central air conditioning unit, checking of refrigerant level and adding up to a maximum of 2 lbs. of replacement refrigerant, not to exceed $100 per annual term at no additional cost if needed.

Your air conditioner should be tuned up and its refrigerant level checked once each year to maintain peak efficiency. Without proper attention, your AC equipment could fail on you when you need it the most, leaving you on your own to find a technician. Every year, thousands of central air conditioning units break down, and with the Cooling Repair and Maintenance Plan, you’ll get covered repairs done quickly and hassle-free. You won’t have to pay out of pocket for any covered work your system needs as the result of regular wear and tear (up to $400 per incident/$2,000 annually). This optional coverage will help you get your AC up and running as soon as possible and thanks to American Home Solutions’ network of independent contractors, you won’t have to spend time searching for a reputable contractor to handle your request. Repair work is performed by local, experienced, pre-qualified service providers.

In emergency situations only, weekend appointments will be available to repair your Cooling System. All other appointments are done during normal business hours. Customers can contact American Home Solutions 24-hour hotline at 833-760-0370 to request a repair, and they will provide more detailed appointment information.

No. You will not be responsible for paying a deductible or trip charge with this Cooling Repair and Maintenance Plan.

Most common parts and services are covered, for a detailed list of covered and not covered parts please see plan terms and conditions at the American Home Solutions Homepage

A quick and uncontrolled spike in voltage. Power surges may be the result of lightning or electric utility equipment failures (power being brought online after an outage, transformer damage, substation switching activity, downed wires, car accidents involving utility poles), but can also be caused by appliances in your home cycling on and off.

If your appliances and electronics are damaged as a result of a power surge, the Surge Protection Plan helps protect against the impact of expensive, unexpected repairs that could cost thousands of dollars.

Yes! Renters and homeowners are both eligible for the Surge Protection Plan.

The Surge Protection Plan doesn’t block lightening or any other type of surges, but it provides reimbursement for your home’s covered electronics and electrical appliances, should they suffer from an unexpected power surge. It also offers financial protection for surges caused by other events, such as appliance cycling and transformer problems.


Coverage of residential electronics, electrical systems, appliances and other electrical devices valued at $100 or more within your residence that fail due to electrical surges. $2,000 per annual term reimbursement for repair or replacement. The Surge Protection Plan covers various items like:

  • TVs
  • Desktop computers
  • Gaming consoles
  • DVD players
  • Mobile phones (if you are using the official charger that came with the phone and it is damaged by a surge while plugged in, you will be covered)
  • Microwaves
  • Security cameras
  • Refrigerators
  • Printers
  • Washers/dryers

You must inform us within 30 days of the incident.

You must contact a certified electrician to determine if your electronics were damaged as a result of a power surge. For more information please see plan terms and conditions at the American Home Solutions Homepage).

After a certified electrician has determined any damage was due to a surge event. Call American Home Solutions at 833-760-0370 to request the reimbursement paperwork. You must request a claim form no later than thirty (30) days of an electrical surge incident. The claim form must be completed in full and returned with a copy of the service provider invoice within thirty (30) days of receiving the claim form.

Outage Information

Your local Transmission and Distribution Service Provider (TDSP) takes care of outages as these are the companies who owns, maintains, and responsible for the lines, poles, and meters in your area. They can be contacted 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on the following numbers:

Houston and Surrounding Area
CenterPoint Energy: 713-207-2222 or 888-572-5399 (toll-free)
Texas-New Mexico Power: 888-866-7456

Dallas/Fort Worth and Surrounding Areas
Oncor Electric Delivery: 888-313-6862
Texas-New Mexico Power: 888-866-7456

South Texas
AEP: 877-373-4858

West Texas
AEP: 877-373-4858
Oncor Electric Delivery: 888-313-6862
Texas-New Mexico Power: 888-866-7456

In a life threatening emergency always call 911.

You will be able to find out what TDSP services your property by viewing your last bill.

My Account

You can still login by requesting a link which we will send to you by email. Just click on the link when you receive the email and you will be securely logged back into your online account.

If you don't yet have a password you can create this from the My Details section of your online account.

If you have forgotten your password and cannot log in, then you can easily reset your password by clicking on "My account" on our website.

Please contact us to discuss your concern with one of our agents who will be able to work with you to resolve any issues.

With your online account you will be able to view your monthly bills, track your energy usage, manage your payments, edit your personal details and browse all documents and communications at your convenience.

When you sign up for Iberdrola Texas we automatically enroll you in paperless communications so you will receive all bills and correspondence from us straight to your email inbox. This is to support our commitment to the environment and to reduce the amount of paper we use as a business. If however you wish to start receiving paper communications please contact us at

When you first sign up to Iberdrola Texas we will contact Smart Meter Texas to receive the information from your smart electricity meter. It may take up to 5 business days for us to receive your historical energy usage data, which during this time you will be unable to see any data on your energy usage graphs. Thereafter, all data from your smart meter will be updated each evening and will be displayed on your energy usage graphs.

If you think you may have a faulty meter you should contact your Transmission and Distribution Service Provider (TDSP) who will be able to provide assistance. Occasionally a delay can happen in receiving data from your meter to populate on your energy usage graphs. If this occurs, please wait a few days to see if the data updates in your account before contacting your TDSP.

Your TDSP can be contacted 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on the following numbers:

Houston and Surrounding Area
CenterPoint Energy: 713-207-2222 or 888-572-5399 (toll-free)
Texas-New Mexico Power: 888-866-7456

Dallas/Fort Worth and Surrounding Areas
Oncor Electric Delivery: 888-313-6862
Texas-New Mexico Power: 888-866-7456

South Texas
AEP: 877-373-4858

West Texas
AEP: 877-373-4858
Oncor Electric Delivery: 888-313-6862
Texas-New Mexico Power: 888-866-7456

In a life threatening emergency always call 911.

Please contact us to discuss your issue with one of our agents who will be able to file your complaint and discuss next steps.

My Plan

When your plan comes to the end of its fixed term, you will have the option to select one of our plans available at the time to ensure you are receiving the best deal for your electricity. We will contact you 60 days before the end of your current plan to remind you to select a new plan and what you need to do next. If you do not select a new plan by the time your current plan ends, you will be placed on a month-to-month plan which may cost you more for your electricity and your unit rate prices could change if wholesale electricity prices increase or decrease.

Unfortunately, as the cost of electricity is subject to change according to energy wholesale costs and demand, you are most likely not able to extend your plan with the same unit rate you have been paying when your plan comes to an end.

If you wish to change to one of our other plans please contact us and one of our agents will be able to help you.

We want your energy bills to be the last thing on your mind when you are going through the stress of moving your home. If you are moving to another property please contact us and we will arrange your Iberdrola Texas account switch over for you.

Some of our plans come with an early termination fee that will be applicable if you decide to leave Iberdrola Texas prior to the end of your plan. You can find more information about your plan and any associated fees in your online account. Any early termination fees will be billed along with your final bill that you will receive. If you’re moving to another property and can provide proof of a change of address and don't want to take Iberdrola Texas with you, you will not be charged an early termination fee.

If you are switching service to Iberdrola Texas and have decided to change your mind, you may rescind this Agreement without penalty by contacting us before midnight of the third federal business day after the date of your enrollment authorization and receipt of the contract documents. You will receive a copy of your terms of service document via email or, upon requests, via regular U.S. mail, that will explain all the terms of the agreement and how to exercise the right of rescission. To cancel you may call us at (844) 956-0456, or e-mail us at

Bills & Payments

We will contact you by email when your first bill is available. You will be able to view this bill via your online account. If you have not received your first bill after 45 days of being an Iberdrola Texas customer then please contact us immediately.

You will be able to pay for your bill via credit card online, via electronic check payment by contacting one of our agents, and also by going to your nearest Western Union bill payment center.

If you miss a payment don't worry, you can make a payment at any point via your online account or by contacting us. We will send you email reminders if this happens to ensure you are always aware if a payment has been missed or if a payment has failed, placing your account into a past-due balance.
If you have a past-due balance with us that has not been paid, and it is greater than 10 days past your bill due date, then we may contact you to discuss your account to ensure your power doesn't get disconnected unnecessarily.

There are a few reasons why you might not have received your bill at this time. The generation of your bill depends upon when your meter is read by the Transmission Distribution Service Provider (TDSP) for your area and when that meter reading is delivered to us.
- The TDSP might not have read your meter at this time.
- The TDSP might not have delivered your meter reading to us. Please contact the TDSP to determine the meter read schedule for your service address.
- Per Texas Public Utilities Commission (PUC) regulation, Iberdrola Texas does have up to 30 days after receiving your meter reading from your TDSP to generate your bill for any given billing cycle.
- Ensure the billing address and email address we have on file are accurate and correct. If you receive your bills via email, it may be the email about your bill could have been placed in your spam/junk mail folder.

Please contact us if you have checked all the above points and you still have not received your bill.

Please contact us if you think there is something not correct with your latest bill.

We do accept electronic check payments if you cannot pay by credit card online. Please contact us to discuss how to make an electronic check payment.

Please contact us as soon as you can and one of our agents will assist you.

Your bills will be available to view in your online account. From here you can download and print your bills at your convenience. If you wish for a printed bill to be mailed to you, please contact us to request this.

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